About Mom’s Secret Blend

Our Philosophy

At Mom’s Secret Blend, we believe that food is not just about nourishing the body, but also the soul. That’s why we put so much care and attention into every batch we make, using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients. This company is rooted in family, love, unity, and growth. Our goal is to reach households throughout the country, in hopes that our succulent blend helps in making cooking simple and serves as a tool that promotes Bringing Families Together Again…

To the dinner table that is!

Humble Beginnings

In 2020, I began my journey in developing the top-rated all-purpose seasoning blend that the world has been longing for. Why do I say that? Every time I serve a dish using my spice blend, I get the response that every elite five-star trained chef wants to see on their consumers’ faces… SATISFACTION!

I have the natural ability to cook, and my food often has my guests longing for seconds and sometimes thirds!

The first blend in the spice and seasoning line is called Succulent Seafood Boil & Seasoning (Succulent for short), and it’s like no other seafood boil seasoning in the market.

Our Mission

We all know that good food brings many people to the table. My mission, with your help, is to provide you with a seasoning blend that makes cooking easier so you can prepare dishes that warm hearts, impress your friends and family, and have kids begging for more. In short, we’re making cooking simple for everyone.


♥ Versatile ♥

Succulent doubles as a seafood boil and seasoning. Other brands mostly serve as either a boil or just a seasoning, therefore, this succulent blend is versatile.

♥ Quality Ingredients ♥

Succulent’s high-quality combination of ingredients is essentially calorie-free, fat-free, saturated fat-free, and cholesterol-free, which is appealing to those who are health conscious and are watching their figure.

♥ Life of the Party ♥

Succulent could figuratively bring families together again. By this I mean the food cooked using this seasoning could make families want to sit together at the dinner table or bring life to a party or gathering of family and friends.

♥ Tasty ♥

Succulent is lick-your-fingers-and-dish tasty with its exceptional flavors. Making cooking simple… It’s just good.